Programming or Troubleshooting
Pet Stop® Receiver Collars

Most Pet Stop® dog fence receiver collars provide many programming options and can be tuned to a wide range of correction settings.
The fence collars can also be programmed to work with most other electronic pet fencing systems, including Invisible Fence® brand systems.

Below, we have a couple of videos that will help you guide you through setting the correction levels on your Pet Stop® receiver collar.


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Programming your Pet Stop® Collar with an OT-300 Transmitter


Programming your Pet Stop® Collar with an OT-300 Transmitter

Programming your Pet Stop® Receiver Collar with an OT-200 Transmitter

    This video will help you ONLY if:

    1. You are using the Pet Stop® UltraElite Series 2
      The original UltraElite collar (without the #2 printed on it) will not work with this programming.
    2. Your system has been set to the “80” series of correction settings.
      If you purchased your pet fencing system from Hidden Fence Company, “80” is the default setting that we originally set your system to.